Edge sealing machine( L type) JTG-09

The automatic corner and edge sealing machine is a tape sealing carton sealing equipment, which is mainly used for corner and edge sealing of cartons. The cartons are pushed into the automatic corner and edge sealing machine after being sealed up and down by the front section sealing machine. The width and height of the carton are automatically adjusted for corner and edge sealing by photoelectric detection. It is suitable for sealing products of household appliances, textiles, food, department stores, medicine, beverages, tobacco, daily chemicals, automobiles, cables, electronics and other industries. Simple operation and low failure rate. It can be used for stand-alone operation or supporting work with assembly line.


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JTG-09L Semi automatic carton edge sealing machine L type(auto carton con sealer).

1. Characterized with simple and easy operation, economy ,durable,safety and low rate of malfunction.

2. The width and height are adjusted manually for packing cartons of the same size at same time.

3. The carton will be turn 90° after the top and bottom sealing and pushed into the corner and side sealing system by the case pushing board.

4. The four sides and corners of carton are sealed at the same time quickly and smoothly with the advantages of beauty,high efficiency and manpower-saving.

5. Sealed carton height be adjusted electrically & width be adjusted by manual swing handle and that s suited carton size simplicity production line

Carton size(L)300 - 600mm (W)200 -500mm (H) 180-500mm
Table heightmin. 650mm,max. 800 mm
Working speed400(ctns/hr)
Machine size(L)2000mm (W)1200mm (H)1500mm
Power220/380V single phase, 50/60 Hz or, specified by client
Tape width60-75mm alternative use
Machine net weightapprox.450kgs
Pneumatic5-6kg /cm3 , 150 Ne/min

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