Packing robot JTRB-120ZX

The packing robot is suitable for pharmaceutical, beverage, food, beer, plastics, electronics and other production enterprises to pack finished products of various shapes such as bags, boxes and bottles with different grippers. It can be set in a narrow space, and the operation control can be operated on the control screen. It can be operated all day and equipped with mechanical grab, which can replace workers for packing and handling, save labor cost and improve production efficiency.


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Device characteristics

Packaging Robot reflects a greater advantage in terms of integration and flexibility. Suitable for many types of packaging lines, covering the frozen food, bread, candy, ice cream, meat and fish, cheese, bottles of shampoo and perfume industries.

Palletizing robot can be packaging such as cartons or bags stacked on pallets, it has the versatility, reach distance, carrying capacity can meet the requirements of most of the pallet code applications.

Economically viable

Cost-effective, low installation, operation and maintenance costs

Optimized design

The new sleek shape design, mechanical structure and control system optimization settings

Scheduling Control

Has a master-slave robot coordination technology, online multi-efficient production scheduling formula


Needed to build flexible external axis configuration system that supports real-time multi-axis linkage technology to support lifting and mounted

Speed precision

Movement speed outstanding, demanding takt

Flexible expansion

Network control system, the rich external interfaces and expansion capabilities

Technical Support

Autonomous completely open system that supports a variety of application development

Dynamic Optimization

New Song virtual workstation software support CAD model reconstruction and the teach free CAD model based robot

Supporting applications

Support the vision, force sensing and other smart sensor information

Spare parts

Parts wear rate, cheap spare parts can be replaced quickly, regular maintenance and prolong life

Customer Service

Localized customer service and timely initiative, free your worries.

Technical parameters :

machine type:  JTRB-120

power supply: 380V 50/60Hz 5.8KW

palletize weight ; 120KG

action axes  :      4 axes

capacity: 1600C/Hr

gripping device : clmp plate,finger,sucking plate and others

machine weight: 850 KG

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