Z-type continuous elevator

Chain Conveyors are used to convey a range of products which are packed with glass bottles, aluminium boxes ,PET containers,and so on.They are also used to convey plastic productions.Chains can be sup


Z-continuous elevator


Continuous hoist transport of materials through the chain plate connected to the chain. Level - vertical - horizontal combination of transportation. Can be enhanced through an external transmission line device to complete a continuous upgrade. Applies to transport all kinds of large and packaging of finished goods, semi-finished products to transport packaging of finished products, semi-finished products for the best, the biggest advantage of this device is composed of a flexible form of low damage to the carton.

There are three main forms of continuous hoist body, the Z-shaped, C, H, and its working principle and characteristics, are used for horizontal - vertical - horizontal transport of finished products, semi-finished products. Compact, small footprint, lifting height, and stable performance. Native load large easy maintenance.

Can also be customized according to customer requirements.

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