Central kitchen vegetable acceptance equipment

Jh-mcys-01 maocai acceptance equipment is a multi-purpose acceptance automation equipment, conveying 30kg plastic baskets with a continuous acceptance speed of 5 ~ 9 baskets / min. Product details: completed content: acceptance of maocai (before entering the warehouse). Main functions: assist in loading, automatic handling, automatic weighing, automatic output of paper acceptance information, and automatic RFID chip storage; the equipment in this section can add other functions according to the actual customer needs, such as truck auxiliary unloading, feeding quality control, automatic report function, operator performance evaluation, supplier evaluation function; equipment features: compliance Integrated epidemic prevention and control, the whole process


Dalian Jialin machine manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Dalian Jialin machine manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Dalian Jialin Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer of integrated solutions for logistics packaging process flow and smart factory solutions, and are committed to providing customers with customized smart factory solutions.

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